What is Panorama180?

The Panorama 180 association was founded in March 2010 as a non-profit organisation for the training, dissemination and development of new forms of copyright in the digital era. Models that promote a freer distribution, a fairer distribution by the author and a new participatory audience in favour of the commons. For 10 editions, from 2010 to 2019, the main activity of the organisation was the BccN Barcelona Creative Commons Film Festival.

Currently the aims of the association are:
  • Facilitate, accompany, produce and carry out actions, spaces, expressions and artistic creations that ensure the development of free culture, freedom of expression and inclusion from an egalitarian point of view that takes into account social, gender and cultural diversity.
  • To promote and facilitate local and international synergies between artists, collectives, entities, projects or administrations aligned with the objectives, values and codes of our association.
In order to achieve its aims, the association carries out the following activities:
  • Creation of spaces that provoke new ways of creation, construction and cultural consumption based on the use of new technologies.
  • Promotion and impulse of spaces, residencies, artistic creations and productions, and cultural festivals from a gender point of view: egalitarian, inclusive, diverse and contemporary.
We believe in the arts and digital culture and audiovisual language as tools capable of articulating resistance, narratives and positive relationship models for the benefit of the commons and we have naturally come to work with experimental image and sound formats, freedom of expression and human rights, all with a gender perspective, the result of experience and alliances established over the years of the organisation's existence.

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Transparency documents

Memòria Justificació any 2017 (Català)
Memòria Justificació any 2016 (Català)
Presentación Blanquerna (Español)

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