What is Panorama180?

Panorama 180 is a non-profit association focused on cinema and audiovisual experimentation done with XXI century criteria. These are: digitalization, net, compromise, agitation, change, empowerment, community...Always opened to news and proposals that intend to get over the problems generated by an obsolete conception of copyright in the digital era.

We understand Creative Commons licenses as a tool (not a purpose) which is part of an approach and an individual and collective political position that, at the same time, tries to match the free culture philosophy and the commons with cinema. Through practical experimentation, this leads to new models of positive relationship with Internet logics and the common benefit.

We still believe in digital culture and, specifically, in audiovisual language and cinema as tools for social transformation, capable of articulating narratives and generating constructions and resistances totally necessary these days. As always, but now more than ever.

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Transparency documents

Memòria Justificació any 2017 (Català)
Memòria Justificació any 2016 (Català)
Presentación Blanquerna (Español)

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Rabassa 44 Baixos. 08024 Barcelona. T. +34 930 236 500. G-65338154 info@panorama180.org